EVOLVA is a company specialising in biotechnology in order to develop ingredients of natural origin.

EVOLVA combines biology and technology: Microorganisms are everywhere and support life in all its forms, from humans to plants.

At EVOLVA, biologists apply the latest advances in biotechnology and science to transform microbial fermentation into a process capable of producing a variety of naturally occurring ingredients.

This innovative fermentation process reduces or even eliminates the risks associated with seasonality and environmental pollution: There is no risk of heavy metals, pesticide residues or PAHs.


Resveratrol is a polyphenol found naturally in several types of plants such as grapes, cranberries and berries. It is also contained in red wine, although in low concentrations.

In grapes, resveratrol acts as a protector of the harsh environment. Scientific evidence suggests that it can do the same in humans, working at the cellular level to support healthy living.

Scientific research and clinical data suggest that resveratrol acts as a very effective antioxidant and exhibits a number of functions at the cellular and systemic level, with a wide range of beneficial health effects.

EVOLVA’s Resveratrol Veri-te ™ is an ingredient of high purity (> 98%) in several forms to suit all your formulas.


Resveratrol (fermented)


Veri-te ™ Resveratrol is designed for your dry form formulas.


Concentration: 98% trans-resveratrol

Applications: Ideal for use in food supplements: capsules and tablets

Advantage: This form allows you to bring the maximum amount of resveratrol in your formulas

Resveratrol (fermented)


Veri-Sperse ™ is a fermented resveratrol offering improved bioavailability with LipiSperse® technology


Concentration: 90% trans-resveratrol

Applications: Perfect for instant powdered drinks, liquid shots, oral dispersible tablets and effervescent tablets.

Advantage: Its taste is neutral and easy to flavor.

Resveratrol (fermented)


VERI-TE AQUA™ resveratrol is completely water or fat-soluble for your crystal clear, liquid solutions.


Concentration: 7% of trans-resveratrol

Applications: perfect for your functional beverages, liquid shots, liquid or soft-gel capsules, liquid cosmetics and gel sachets

Advantage: Higher and faster intestinal absorption based on a pharmakinetic study