Weishardt has been a leading global supplier of premium gelatins made from fish skins, fish collagen peptides and texturizing systems for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries since 1839.

All Weishardt Group factories comply with European regulation 853/2004 / EC, recognized as one of the strictest standards in the world. All production sites are also ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees optimal quality management.

All Weishardt gelatin factories are also FSSC 22000 certified, a standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) which ensures that all gelatins are produced under very strict sanitary conditions.

Weishardt is committed to a sustainable development approach by implementing a comprehensive CSR program that is rigorously applied at its production sites around the world.

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Naticol® is produced from high quality raw materials through a gentle enzymatic process. This process provides the finished collagen with a unique amino acid profile for enhance efficacy in dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages.

Naticol® is water soluble and compatible with other active ingredients.

Naticol® is odorless and neutral in taste, it can be used in many food products and different types of drinks.

Naticol® is a natural ingredient which is not classified as a food additive, which means that it does not have an “E code” and that it is recognized as a “clean label” ingredient.

It is produced in Europe according to ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 standards and is halal and kosher certified.


Marine collagen


Molecular weight: 2kDa

Aspect: Fine powder

Advantages: Easily compressible, high density, very low viscosity.

Marine collagen


Molecular weight: 2kDa

Aspect: Microgranulated powder

Advantages: Easily soluble, low density, very low viscosity, excellent organoleptic properties: odorless and neutral in taste, cristal clear.

Marine collagen


Molecular weight: 4kDa

Aspect: Microgranulated powder

Advantages: Easily dispersible, low density, excellent organoleptic properties: neutral taste and odor, crystal clear.