Monday 28 June · 2021

Skin & sun

Summer is here !
How to prepare your skin for the sun and tanning:


Carotenoids are very common pigments in many living organisms. They are responsible for the colors (red, orange, yellow) of fruits & vegetables, flowers and algae. They have antioxidant properties and have an important role in human health. These molecules are also well known for preparing the skin for tanning because they promote skin pigmentation and help fight skin aging. The best known: lycopene, beta-carotene, astaxanthin, lutein.


The Copper is a trace element that takes part in many reactions within our cells. It is in particular essential for the synthesis of melanin which colors the hair and the skin. Thus, copper contributes to the normal pigmentation of the skin *.

extracts dosed with natural carotenoids from different sources,
copper in bioavailable form.

* claim authorized by the European Commission

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