Friday 26 February · 2021

The Saw Palmetto

The Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens), commonly known as the dwarf palm, is a small palm that can reach 2 m in height. It grows in the southern United States and mainly in Florida. It is cultivated wild, and preferably on dry and sandy soils. Its fruits are harvested manually and when ripe.

The fruits of  Saw Palmetto, similar to olives in size, shape and color, have been eaten by natives for centuries in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and other states in the Southeastern United States.

In traditional medicine, the natives seem to have had knowledge of the properties of the fruits of this plant. They consumed them to prevent cystitis and prostatic hyperplasia.

Recognized for their effects on the male urinary system, saw palmetto fruit extracts help maintain normal urinary function in men over 45 * and support urinary flow *.

In the event of hair loss, Saw Palmetto also has beneficial effects. It promotes natural hair growth and helps maintain hair *.

Available in conventional up to 45% fatty acids and organic up to 20%.

Florida origin guaranteed.

* authorized claims awaiting evaluation by the European Commission

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