Friday 19 March · 2021

Yerba mate

Discovered by the Guarani people, mate (Ilex paraguariensis) is, with tea and coffee, the most widely consumed caffeinated drinks in the world. The Guarani Indians consumed it to support attention and reduce fatigue. It is prepared by infusing leaves. From the Aquifoliaceae family, yerba mate is a South American species. It is cultivated mainly in Paraguay, Argentina and southern Brazil.

The name mate comes from the Quechua “mati”, which refers to the calabash in which it is traditionally prepared. It is drunk directly in it with a bombilla, a kind of metal straw.

The drink gained popularity during the colonization of South America by the Spanish. The latter having learned from the Guarani its consumption and its benefits. It was mainly the Jesuit missionaries who then spread the cultivation and commercialization of mate. This is why mate is also called “Jesuit tea”.

Mate has stimulating and tonic properties that contribute to resistance against mental and physical fatigue *. It also has slimming virtues. It contribues to body weight management * and lipid degradation *. Finally, the leaves of yerba mate contain polyphenols which give it an antioxidant action *.

Available in organic extract with 3-5% native caffeine.

Origin Brazil.

* authorized claims awaiting evaluation by the European Commission

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