EEVIA HEALTH is a Finnish company that has a modern ISO 22,000 certified manufacturing site with advanced extraction technologies.

EEVIA HEALTH sources its wild plant matter harvested from pristine forests in Finnish Lapland of unique cleanliness and purity, free from all pollutants.

They come from areas close to the production unit, which guarantees product traceability and a low carbon footprint.

Wild organic raw materials come from abundant resources, which are not used or underused at all. The harvest is carefully done by hand picking and every part of the raw material is used to minimize waste.

Due to the special conditions of these forests, the plants produce extremely powerful secondary metabolites, all products are certified organic, natural and sustainable.

Organic certification of wild raw materials provides assurance of origin, authenticity and traceability. It guarantees the maintenance of the biodiversity of the wild forest environment.

EEVIA HEALTH is certified:

  • ISO 22000
  • Compliant with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and certified by the US FDA
  • Kosher


Bilberry (wild)

Vaccinium myrtillus

Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) is one of the richest natural sources of anthocyanins. These polyphenolic components give blueberries its blue / black color and high antioxidant content.


Although bilberry is most commonly known to improve vision, studies have shown efficacy in lowering blood sugar, having anti-inflammatory and lipid-lowering effects, and reducing oxidative stress.


Eevia Health extracts anthocyanins in various concentrations, the highest being 36% anthocyanins.


Inonotus obliquus

Harvested sustainably in the pristine forests of Finland, from wild birches, Chaga reveals important nutritional properties.


This mushroom is rich in essential minerals, such as potassium. It has a very potent ORAC value, the highest for antioxidants ever recorded in any natural food.


In addition, Chaga has a variety of interesting properties including immunity.


Vaccinium vitis-idaea

Lingonberry (Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea) is rich in polyphenolic compounds and has a variety of properties that promote proper functioning of the urinary tract.


The positive effects of lingonberry were noticed by our ancestors many centuries ago, it was consumed in traditional Nordic medicine to support good health.


Eevia Health extracts polyphenols in various concentrations, the highest being 25%.

Pine bark

Pinus sylvestris

Pine bark has beneficial effects on health, especially on the respiratory system.


Pine extracts are made with a new cold processing approach, exclusively developed by Eevia Health.

This new method maintains a high quality of nutrients and in particular an incomparable purity.

The cold treatment makes it possible to maintain high concentrations of low molecular weight oligomeric proanthocyanidin.


Eevia Health extracts OPCs in various concentrations, the highest being 70%.