Wednesday 12 May · 2021


From the Plantaginaceae family, the plantain (Plantago lanceolata) is considered a weed. It grows everywhere: alleys and paths, meadows, interstices in sidewalks, lawns. The name “Plantago” comes from the Latin planta, “soles of the foot” and ago “I grow”, evoking the presence of plantain under our feet in trampled places. These elastic, thick and fibrous leaves allow it to withstand the kicks of passers-by.

If the plantain is considered undesirable by gardeners, it nevertheless contains interesting virtues. It supports the natural defenses and the body’s defenses *. When spring comes and the first pollens, plantain would have a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.

Plantain leaves are the most commonly used parts, but plantain seeds (called psyllium) are also used. They are known to be laxative.

Plantain extract available in 4/1 BIO.

Origin EUROPE.

* authorized claim pending evaluation by the European Commission

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